Can I extend my hire/rental?

Yes you can. This would be charged at the same price rate as a brand new hire. Example: if you wish to extend for 1 day, the price would be the same price as 1 day hire.

What amount of internet data do I get?

Your hire package comes with 50GB(50,000MB) of data. If you finish your data before the end of your hire, you can contact us to order more data.
Questions or need more than the data listed above? Email us:

Do you slow down the speed if I reach my limit?

No, we do not have any daily limit, and NO we do not restrict your speed at all.

Why don’t you offer unlimited data?

There really isn’t unlimited data on mobile internet available by any company. Companies that claim to offer unlimited data on mobile internet actually has a daily data limit and can cut you off when you exceed it, or they drastically slow your data down if you use have used more than 200MB* within a 24 hour period ( read their terms & conditions), so their unlimited data comes with restrictions. We do not have a daily limit or intentionally slow down your customers.

How would I pickup or collect the internet device?

The device would be delivered to the delivery address you had provided while placing your order.We normally aim to get devices delivered 1 to 3 days before the start of hire date.

How do I return the device?

A return postage label (already paid by us) and instructions would be included in your package. Please follow the return instructions in the package. Then drop it office in one of the 100’s of U.K local shop drop-off points.

Is the end of hire date the same as the date I should post it back?

The end of hire date is the day before you post the device back to us.

How and when do I get my refundable deposit

The refundable deposit would be paid back into your account (account you used in making your payment)within 14 to 28 days after we have received the wifi device in a good working order (no major damages and in a condition good enough for another client to use the device)